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Bend Landscape is a family affair.

Josh Brown started landscaping for a friend as a summer job when he was just 14. Though working for a friend, Josh still had to work hard and provide a high level of service. His first lawn took hours, as he had to repeatedly mow a lawn over and over until the lines were perfect! Afterward he was able to eat a Mr. A's Burger and have an afternoon surf session. This work hard play hard attitude became a lifestyle and has stuck with him ever since. 

Josh Moved to CO in 1992 where he quickly learned how to navigate the backcountry and find the only decent burrito around. Josh maintained the landscape at Diamond, work on the construction of Crosswater golf course community, worked for various landscape contractors, while snowboarding, backpacking and traveling. 

Overtime, the burrito options began to grow, as well as Josh's drive to work hard play hard. Josh wanted to continue to try and find perfection in what he did. This led him to obtain his landscape contractors license so he could set the the tone of the landscape projects that he worked on. In 2001 Josh receive his Landscape Contractors license and has been landscaping Central Oregon ever since. 

Josh has two teenagers that keep him young and ensure that Bend Landscape llc has the next generation covered.  

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