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Bend Fences

Bend Landscape takes great pride in being an insured, bonded, and licensed contractor that can get the job done right. Our vast amount of fencing experience allows us to offer customized solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations. 

Redmond Fencing from Bend Landscape 

When we first started Bend Landscape, we knew that we wanted to offer an unmatched fencing service. As with the rest of our services, fencing contributes a large part to developing the right landscape for your property. With that being said, installation

and design are crucial elements.


However, quality materials need to be used to ensure that these fencings stand the test of time. That's why we only use the highest quality fencing materials. For this reason, clients are given peace of mind knowing that their investment is going to reap returns for a long time. 

We also understand that fencing solutions don't need to break the bank. Oftentimes homeowners empty their wallets to gain the fence that they have envisioned. This isn't the case. At Bend Landscape, we affordably price our fencing solutions because we understand that there are other important features in your chosen landscape that you also need to care about. 

Get the Best Bend Fence Repair from a Professional Bend Oregon Fencing Company 

In some cases, our clients require a fence repair. We wish to accommodate various customer needs, which is why we have also designed a fence repair solution at Bend Landscape. Our first step in the repairing process is to dispatch one of our professional and licensed contractors to your home. From here, they’re going to take a look at the condition of your fence and come up with a detailed plan of action. 

After this consultation, we might find that a major overhaul might be necessary. A general rule that we follow is that if you’re needing to replace more than 20 percent of the fencing pickets or panels, it would be best to replace the entire fence. Nonetheless, this option is entirely up to you. 

We then begin the repairing process where we use only the most durable and high-quality materials to enhancing the longevity of your fencing structure. We remove any wood stains and fix broken panels or pickets. When choosing our fence repairing solution, you’re guaranteed a fence that looks brand new. 

Our Wide Array of Fencing Bend Oregon Services

At Bend Landscape, you’re going to find a wide array of high-quality fences and fencing materials for your commercial or residential property needs. We install and repair the following fencing designs and can provide customized solutions that fit your exact requirements: 

⦁    Cedar Fencing 
⦁    Ranch Fencing 
⦁    Ornamental Fencing 
⦁    Chain Link Fencing 
⦁    Vinyl Fencing 

Why Should You Trust Us with Your Bend Fencing Needs? 

One of the primary objectives that our staff at Bend Landscape strive for is customer satisfaction. Due to this, we haven’t completed the job if you’re not entirely happy with it. When enlisting in our services, we’re there to serve all your landscaping needs, which entails providing you with an exceptional fencing solution. 



Bend Custom decks

Bend Landscape Pergolas


We’re here to serve all your decking needs. Our staff at Bend Landscape have the knowledge, experience, and qualifications to provide you with the deck you’ve been dreaming of. 

The Best Deck Builders Bend Oregon Has to Offer

It's no secret that many options arise when you consider constructing a new deck or updating your existing one. In most cases, some of these considerations aren't expected by clients and can help in providing the most effective solution. For this reason, on-site consultation is invaluable. 

Our deck builders at Bend Landscape are equipped to identify the right considerations for the specific circumstances surrounding your deck installation or renovation. That allows us to provide you with the best course of action when it comes to building your deck. 

The Right Solution for Your Bend Custom Desks

When it comes to developing the right solution for your custom deck, we have a procedure that we follow to ensure we create your envisioned deck for your outdoor living area. Some of the factors making up this process are: 


Every deck starts with a basic design plan. This is a critical part of ensuring we meet the expectations of our clients. We can help you develop this plan. It doesn't matter if you already know exactly what you’re looking for or are overwhelmed by creating this deck space by yourself. 

Plank Type 

The plank type that you choose can easily affect the overall result of your deck space. These deck boards come in different textures, colors, and prices. When enlisting in our decking services, you can choose between a wide array of plank types. 

Board Layout 

Installing your chose deck planks in various directions or using multiple patterns is going to have a definite effect on the overall look and feel of your customized decking space. In most cases, our deck builds often get creative with the plank layout in an attempt to reduce excessive cut-off waste while preventing butt joints inside your deck’s field planks. However, this creative plank layout needs to first be approved by you. 


If you decide to use non-wood decking planks, you’re going to be gaining a plank that’s equipped with a 25, 30, or 50- year warranty. For this reason, it’s crucial that you’re happy with the color of these deck planks. 

What Makes Our Central Oregon Custom Decks the Best? 

At Bend Landscape, we spent many years crafting quality deck solutions for residents of the Central Oregon region. The knowledge and experience we have built through this time have enabled Bend Landscape to offer unmatched Bend composite decking solutions. 

Our installation techniques and methods combine function and form in the best way possible to ensure you’re getting the best deck out there. In addition to this, we only use the highest quality materials. 

All of these elements result in a superior finished product. Along with this, our intention focus on customer service is another attribute that hardly goes unnoticed by our clients. For this reason, we offer the best decks Bend Oregon has to offer. 

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