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Bend Landscape offers Landscape Design, Landscape Installation and Landscape Maintenance. We understand that staying home means more today then ever. Let us turn your outdoor space into a destination.   

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We provide

Hardscapes: paver patios, seat walls, retaining walls, outdoor fire pits and fire places, water features and fountains, decks and pergolas

Soft Scape: plants, irrigation, finish grades and earthwork berming, boulder placements, dry creeks and bark and rock mulch

Maintenance: Our landscape maintenance program is inclusive and offers complete, full service maintenance programs. 



What We Offer

At Bend Landscape, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life with our trusted team of Bend Oregon landscape design experts. Our primary objective is to design and create a project that fulfills everything you have envisioned for your outdoor living area. We achieve this objective by offering a wide array of services equipped to fit various design ideas and existing outdoor layouts. 

We begin this project by helping you, the customer, consider how you wish to use your new outdoor space, as well as identifying how you wish this area to function. We have the expertise to ensure that no challenge is too great, so we encourage our clients to expand their imagination to whatever they desire for this outdoor living space. It doesn’t matter how crazy these ideas might be.  

Bend Oregon Landscaping 

When you invest in any type of landscaping, the overall goal is to enhance the existing space. Your returns when investing in an outdoor landscaping project generally include gaining a cozy and comfortable area that’s suitable for entertaining. These spaces are admired for encouraging friends and family to spend more quality time together while gaining some fresh air and sunshine.  

These Bend outdoor living designs are customized to your exact preferences to ensure that your vision is brought to life. When creating these designs, you have the opportunity to develop an outdoor space that works well for entertaining, escaping your busy day, opening space for children to play, or providing sitting areas to observe your day begin. You also have the option of creating an outdoor living area that features a kitchenette and fireplace to host stunning garden parties or a low-maintenance landscape space that aids in enhancing your property's value. Our team of professional and friendly design experts is ready to develop a plan that fits exactly what you've envisioned. 

Central Oregon Landscape Design That Aligns with Your Vision 

If you can dream it, our qualified and experienced team of professionals possess what it takes to install it. We’re equipped with the tools, knowledge, staff, and proper equipment to make your dream yard a reality. Our team at Bend Landscape provides free consultations and estimates on landscaping, paving stones, ponds, fire pits, irrigation, and natural rock placement among other features especially for enhancing your outdoor living area. 

Our Redmond Oregon landscaping company has decades of experience when it comes to designing, installing, and remodeling landscapes. Together with our professional and knowledgeable staff, we have designed and installed endless landscaping projects that exceeded the expectations of our clients across the Central Oregon region. Due to this extensive experience in the landscaping industry, we have the right skills to know what works best for the high desert conditions commonly found in Central Oregon.


We’re the Right Bend Oregon Landscape Architects for You

As a landscaping company, we thrive to design and install exceptional outdoor living areas that fit with your unique ideas. Our goal is to provide a full-service experience, which means that irrigation plays an essential role in preserving our work. It’s no use investing sums of money on a landscape that isn’t going to be nourished.


For this reason, our team of professionals is also expertly trained in Bend irrigation installation and understands the need for this feature in your newly-installed landscape. We can install new irrigation systems that help to keep your outdoor living area hydrated and flourishing. In addition to this, we can also help maintain systems that are already in place. 

Central Oregon is known for its freezing temperatures during the winter months. Due to this, it’s imperative to blow out water from your irrigation lines. This works as a preventative measure from your irrigation pipes breaking as a result of such cold temperatures. We’re also available to switch your Central Oregon irrigation system back on in the spring.


The Perfect Solution for Your Central Oregon Outdoor Living

We work towards enhancing your yard's overall aesthetic by adding various features. One of the most popular features to add to a yard in Central Oregon is a water feature. We have the expert knowledge to provide you with an immaculate water feature that perfectly fits with the existing layout and design of your desired landscaping. Bend Oregon is home to some of the most beautiful high desert landscapes and a water feature works such settings.


Our team of designing specialists can build contemporary and natural water features. The incorporation of these water structures is an excellent way of adding to your outdoor space. Not to mention, the running of water from these structures can prove to offer extra calmness and tranquility to your outdoor living space. 

We’re dedicated to providing you with everything you’re going to need to create the best outdoor living space. This is why we also conduct Bend fence and deck services that add to your yard's appearance. These decks can be used to section your patio area in your yard and helps you establish a permanent layout for this living space.


Whereas, these fencings can help you distinguish your property and aids in enhancing your security. This can also help if you have pets or children that you want to keep away from any water features. Our Central Oregon fence company can help you achieve this security. 

Our Flora and Fauna 

One of the elements that go into creating a beautiful landscape is by crafting flora and fauna. This takes great patience and skill to achieve. Luckily, our Bend Landscaping specialists are experts in what they do and have the years of experience to ensure your vision is met. 

With us, you have the opportunity to make your yard a showpiece. This is thanks to our garden center. Here, we keep some of the most appealing plants that are specially equipped for high desert conditions. 

Our floral specialists are also available to create custom designs for your outdoor living space. Whether you're looking for floral plantations close to your water features or rose bushes, we can take care of everything for you. We're an essential landscaping company in Central Oregon that has been supplying customers in the surrounding areas with out-of-the-ordinary trees, shrubs, and plants to beautify their landscapes. 

Central Oregon Yard Maintenance 

It's no secret that Oregon is home to a climate-challenged environment, which is why it takes years of experience to perfect the conditions of an outdoor living area in Central Oregon. Nonetheless, we have designed customized solutions to ensure that your property's yard and outdoor living space are perfectly maintained during varying temperatures. 

As we have mentioned previously, irrigation places a crucial role in ensuring that your landscaping investment stands the test of time. However, these irrigation pipes can break easily when faced with cold temperatures. Nonetheless, we can assist you by implementing preventative measures that work against the breaking of these pipes. 

In addition to this, understanding what plants work best in your specific yard can also work wonders when it comes to the proper maintenance of your yard. Our landscaping experts can guide you through the various sustainable plant additions that can help make your maintenance easy. When enlisting in our services, you can choose from a mix of stunning perennial and annual plants that are suited for the temperatures faced in Central Oregon. 

Snow Removal Bend Oregon

Finally, snowfall is quite common. However, preparing for this snow might not be a priority for you. Luckily, our Central Oregon snow removal service makes this a priority for you. When it comes to preserving the life of your landscape, snow can play a significant role in diminishing its appearance and can make the maintenance processes more challenging. However, at Bend Landscaping, we help reduce this hassle by doing all the work for you. Our goal is to make your landscaping investment last, which is why we have devised customized maintenance solutions that help do exactly that. 

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