Landscape Design

Our projects start with helping you consider how you will be using your new outdoor space and how this space must function. You can start this process now by dreaming up all of the ways you will be using your new investment. Will you be entertaining, looking for a quiet place to escape the day, creating open spaces for kids to play, creating sitting areas to watch the day begin, outdoor living with kitchenets and fire pits to host sunset garden parties, or maybe simply a low maintenance landscape to help maintain your investment.   


Landscape Design

Design arguably plays the biggest role in aligning your vision with our landscaping service. Our goal is to not only meet this vision for your chosen landscape but to exceed it. We pay close attention to the design phase of any landscaping project and keep in close contact with our clients to ensure that we're meeting their expectations. 

At Bend Landscape, we welcome the craziest and most bizarre ideas from our clients. We’re always up for a good challenge as we believe this helps us grow as landscaping professionals. The different Central Oregon landscaping ideas you might have can all be condensed into our design phase of your personalized Bend Landscape landscaping planner. 

One of our professional landscaping design experts is going to have a consultation with you when you walk them through your property and discuss exactly what you want to do. From here, we can start establishing your Bend Landscape plan. When creating this plan, we ensure that the seven principles of landscape design are incorporated. These principles are: 

⦁    Simplicity
⦁    Variety
⦁    Balance
⦁    Emphasis
⦁    Sequence
⦁    Scale/Proportion
⦁    Unity

These seven principles are our recipe for success and help us create beautiful landscapes that keep our clients coming back for more. 

Yard Landscape Design (Bend Oregon) 

Our design team at Bend Landscape is equipped with vast experience and knowledge to ensure that we offer you the best landscaping experience. We work diligently, as we understand that your home life shouldn't come to a halt while you have people working on enhancing your property's exterior. Our company is situated in an extraordinary landscape, which offers Central Oregon landscaping ideas that are unique and immaculate. However, it takes skilled and experienced workers to nurture this natural flora and fauna and incorporated it into your landscape in the most pleasing way.


Central Oregon Landscaping Ideas (Front Yard) 

We have had the honor of working on various front yards situated in Central Oregon. You can view some of our previous work in the ‘Gallery’ tab of our website that can be located above. However, we’re unable to add all of the front yard landscaping work we’ve previously done as the list would be endless. 


High Desert Landscaping Ideas 

Our company and the residents that we serve are located in Oregon, which is home to a high desert. Due to this, many of our landscaping ideas are influenced by the natural structures, as well as flora and fauna that are commonly found in high desert conditions. For this reason, we’re able to enhance the existing high desert setting that’s present in your chosen landscape or create this landscape from scratch using our extensive knowledge and experience. 

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No matter what your vision is, our professional and friendly Redmond landscaping team can help you achieve exactly what you want. Your landscaping needs are met when you enlisting in our specialized services. At Bend Landscaping, we pride ourselves on catering to the exact preferences of our clients. We work to enhancing the overall appearance of your garden by implementing our vast knowledge and experience that we’ve gain from working in the landscaping industry for several years. 

Central Oregon Springtime Landscaping

With our Central Oregon Springtime Landscaping services, we accommodate those who are looking to trim back winter's dreary plants and amplify the appeal of your garden for springtime entertainment. The weather is beautiful and you want to spend as much time in the sunshine as possible. However, your garden simply isn't up to par. We can help you with that. Our team of experts works to craft the plants in your desired landscape to modify these visible features in a way that makes the environment more appealing.


High Desert Landscaping 

Given that the high desert region makes up a quarter of all land in Oregon means that we, as landscapers, need to have the expertise to conduct high desert landscaping projects. However, we haven’t only recognized this but we have exceeded it and have equipped our landscaping services to ensure that we provide the most knowledgeable landscapers when it comes to high desert landscaping projects. For this reason, we’re your number one call when you’re looking for a company that can offer high desert landscaping services

We Are Your Redmond Landscaping Experts

One of our secrets to exceeding the expectations of our clients is through our incredible ability to expertly craft flora and fauna. When conducting landscaping projects, our main goal is to preserve the beauty that’s already present in the specific landscape. In most cases, we find that there are immaculate features within a landscape that simply need to be polished. 

We follow the seven principles in landscaping design to offer only the best landscaping for our clients. That’s why you can count on us to provide you with the best landscapes Bend Oregon has to offer. Our team of friendly and professional expert landscapers is going to work exceptionally hard to ensure you get the landscape you've been dreaming of. 

Our Bend Landscaping Process 

The process involved in all landscaping projects can be broken down into a variety of steps. However, our team at Bend Landscape likes to keep this process as simple as possible. That's why there are only two parts to our landscaping process: design and construction. 

We have broken this down to reduce the hassle of focusing our attention and efforts on many different aspects. Instead, we can simply split our attention between two primary elements. The designing phase of our landscaping process involves idea gathering, research, and planning. 

This is where our team of experts is going to work alongside the client to ensure that their vision is understood. We pay careful attention to this because we understand that the designing phase is the one that’s going to give us the most information about what you’re looking for and help us achieve exactly what you’ve envisioned. 
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