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Landscape Maintenance


Yard Care & Maintenance 

After investing in having your landscape professionally designed and installed, you don't throw away all this money and time from a lack of yard care and maintenance. We understand that the residents of Bend Oregon live busy lives, which leaves little time to take care of their landscapes. For this reason, the maintenance experts at Bend Landscape are equipped to offer the best yard maintenance Bend Oregon has to offer. 

Bend Oregon Yard Clean Up Services 

Are you looking out at your outdoor living area and seeing that your yard needs to be cleaned up? Bend Landscape can take care of this for you. Our services are designed for commercial and residential clients that require an extra hand to tackle these projects. We have the resources and experience to provide a helping hand when tackling even the most daunting cleaning up projects. Some of the customized clean up services we offer are: 

⦁    Fencing
⦁    Old playground structures
⦁    Old lumbar
⦁    Compost and leaves
⦁    Tree limbs
⦁    Landscape debris
⦁    Yard debris

Landscape Maintenance Bend Oregon 

Providing the proper landscape maintenance is essential in ensuring your investment doesn’t deteriorate. Landscape maintenance helps to maintain the value of your property, but that doesn’t mean that it’s an easy task. In most cases, professional help is needed to ensure that your landscape remains as good as new. 

With that being said, landscape maintenance services can be overpriced and, in some cases, poorly conducted. That's why you need the professionals making up Bend Landscape to conduct your landscaping maintenance program. We're equipped with the finest resources and the latest maintenance techniques to ensure that you gain the best service possible. 

Lawn Care Bend Oregon

Taking good care of your property’s lawn is a marvel. When taking up our Bend Landscape lawn care services, you’re providing your family with a beloved space to relax and play. Not to mention, our services also work to nourish the environment and raises the value of your home. We have the right lawn care service for you to ensure that you gain the benefits of a well-maintained lawn. 

Why Choose Us for Your Landscape Maintenance Needs? 

At Bend Landscape, we have designed our maintenance services with exceptional features. For this reason, our landscape maintenance service is a must-have in the Bend Oregon area. Not only are we professionals at yard cleanup and landscape maintenance, but we also offer a service that’s reliable and fast. Our pricing is affordable and the crew we employ to conduct these services are professional, dedicated, experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly. 

Irrigation & Maintenance 

The Best Central Oregon Irrigation for Your Landscape 

Oregon is home to a climate-challenged environment. This is why it takes years of experience to ensure you’re offering the right irrigation for the conditions of an outdoor living area in Central Oregon. With that being said, our team at Bend Landscape has designed customized solutions to ensure that your property's yard and outdoor living space are perfectly irrigated during varying temperatures. 

We Can Help You with Winterization of Irrigation Systems in Bend Oregon 

There’s little doubt that irrigation places a crucial role in ensuring the durability of your landscaping. However, winterization can help against these irrigation pipes breaking easily when faced with cold temperatures. We can stop your irrigation pipes from freezing with our Bend Landscaping irrigation winterization services. By implementing preventative measures that work against the breaking of these pipes, we can stop the freezing and breaking of irrigation systems that are commonly experienced in Bend Oregon. 

Your Solution for Sprinkler Blowout (Bend Oregon) 

One of the most commonly used methods used to stop your irrigation systems from freezing and breaking is to perform a blowout. This is when water is blown out before this water in your sprinkler line freezes and causes your irrigation pipes to break. Our sprinkler blowouts are easy to conduct and can be performed quickly for your convenience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to adjust rainbird sprinkler heads (Central Oregon)? 

Many clients are how to adjust rainbird 5000 bend sprinkler heads that are equipped with adjustable-pattern nozzles. Performing a Bend Oregon rainbird sprinkler head adjustment allows you to change the watering pattern, which affects the spray direction of the sprinkler. You can do this by using your hand to twist the threads on the collar of this sprinkler head. After this, you can then turn the threads to the left or right to make these adjustments. 

Why do I need springtime irrigation in Bend Oregon? 

Springtime irrigation helps to protect your plants, yard, and trees from drought or insufficient watering. Using a well-designed system ensures that your plants and grass get the correct amount of water during the springtime. Not to mention, these springtime irrigation systems help to control the amount of water you’re using. At Bend Landscape, we can set-up a customized irrigation system that's specifically for your landscape. 

What is Redmond sprinkler winterization

Sprinkler winterization is a process that involves a blow-out technique and works to get rid of water from all components making up an irrigation system. If this winterization doesn’t take place, the water is likely to freeze and can cause damage to the sprinkler head, pumps, valves, underground pipes, and other parts of your irrigation system. 

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